Who I am
I'm a graphic and web designer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been doing this since January of 2012, and my services include graphic designweb designvector drawingsprint designvideography, and photography.
Why you should hire me
For a vector drawing
Graphic and web design are major parts of what I do, but vector illustrations and renderings are my bread and butter. If you're looking to give the perfect gift to your favorite "petrol-head," then consider a custom rendering of his or her automotive companion. So far, I've done Miatas, Maseratis, Ferraris, and even a Lamborghini Countach. These renderings are truly one-of-a-kind, and the finished product comes printed on high-quality matte giclée paper.
For website design
I'm well-versed in usability and accessibility standards. I emphasize cleanliness and simplicity of design, making sure that everything I do is visually pleasing and easy to use for users of all capabilities. While the surface appearance of your website is all that a user will see, I look beyond that into what really sets a good website apart from one that is truly great.
For logo and print design
My logos embody my design language: clean lines and easy to read. I strive to capture the essence of your company or brand in a simple graphic that is well-suited to all applications, from polo shirts to soap bars. If your logo is instantly recognizable and tells the world what you do and who you are, I've done my job.
When it comes to flyers, t-shirts, and any other printed material, I apply the same pixel-perfect attention to detail to give you the best-looking assets possible. Combine a print piece with my logo design package and you can be sure that the results will be eye-catching and unique.
Programs I can use
I've got experience with several common design programs, including:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe Acrobat CC
Adobe Lightroom
Solidworks 2012 (as well as 3D printing)
Microsoft Office Suite
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