Boat Show Schedule
During the 2019 boat show season, the Marketing team asked for a single landing page to feature all of West Marine's upcoming boat show appearances.  Each of the boat show blocks had timing applied to them, so that they appeared one month before the show's scheduled date and disappeared one week after.  The More Information buttons linked to each boat show's website, and the Facebook Event Page button directed users to West Marine's Facebook event for that show.
The header banner was fully responsive on desktop browsers, and the mobile header banner was restyled to look better on smaller screens.
I also added a product carousel at the bottom featuring SKUs selected by the ECommerce team to promote to boat show attendees.
Yeti New Product Showcase
Yeti's seasonal color releases almost always show up on West Marine's New Products page.  We also had an exciting new offer from Garmin at the time, so the task was to present both in a visually engaging format that presented well on desktop and mobile.
Our New Products page had historically been a bit on the bland side, with images that leaned too heavily on a template and often looked the same from month to month.  With the recent integration of the Bootstrap framework into the website, I was able to visually refresh the page and also use a 2-column layout for the Yeti products.  This kept the user experience more consistent across different devices.  I was also able to grab the HTML color code for each new Yeti color directly from their marketing materials, which allowed me to theme each of the color names to match the products above them.
Since the Yeti presentation didn't have much text to work with, it didn't limit my options like the Blue Dolphin and Mastervolt presentations.  I did try Blue Dolphin and Mastervolt as a 2-column layout, but the product information below each image didn't work well on smaller screens such as earlier iPhone models.
2021 Winter Clearance
Every winter, right after the big push through holiday sales events, West Marine holds an ongoing Winter Clearance event that helps clear out old inventory and rewards patient customers with even bigger markdowns on products they've been waiting for.
Previously, we only had category images for Men's, Women's, Men's Shoes, and Women's Shoes.  The other featured clearance categories were simply database-populated product carousels below the category images.  In an effort to make the page cleaner and more easily direct customers to the subcategory they want, I created four new images that matched the visual style of the existing category images.
While the design director was happy with this presentation, the final page ended up using product carousels below the category images. The ECommerce team was concerned that we were adding more clicks between customers and their final purchases.  Unfortunately, this website platform doesn't have the ability to do a random A/B test, so the final call was made to return to the existing user experience.
Columbia Brand Page
Columbia often provides their own images for their brand landing page on West Marine's website, cropped to the dimensions we specify for each cartridge in the page.  With this particular update to their page, though, I chose to ask for the original images so that I could crop them to the correct size in a way that worked better as a whole.  The Shoes images that they'd originally provided were cropped in such a way that the legs were directly under the models in the Apparel images, which looked strange.  By adjusting each image's placement and focal points, I was able to better present Columbia's brand in a way that didn't distract from the products featured in each image.
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