Honeycomb MEDAL Display Plaque
These modular display plaques are based on the official hexagon honeycomb setup offered by The Conqueror Challenge to display virtual distance challenge and real-world running medals. Whether you've just completed a marathon or are working through virtual races at your own pace, show off your hard-earned medals in style with these easy to hang, single piece plaques. The honeycomb shape lines up easily with plaques you've already hung on your wall for a modular, expand-as-you-go brag board.

They are 3D printed in the customer's color of choice out of environmentally friendly, industrially compostable PLA plastic. The single-piece construction means no magnets, no clasps, no tape, and no fiddly threads to align; it just plain works. They're designed to work with 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips (the velcro-like ones), cut in half or cut down to fit.
Tatting & Ornament Display Stand
Display tatting, holiday ornaments, decorative eggs, hanging pet memorials, and other small artwork without distracting from the item displayed.

Sturdy, lightweight, and easy to store and assemble, these 6"/15cm tall stands are made up of a base and a curved arm. The hook has a small curl on the end to hold any strings or hangers securely, and the stand is strong enough to hold up lightweight artwork (less than 1lb/0.5kg) without trouble.
They are 3D printed in the customer's color of choice out of environmentally friendly, industrially compostable PLA plastic. When printing, I arrange the pieces so that the printing layers contribute to the overall strength of the stand, rather than increase the risk of it snapping at a critical point. The base is easily removable to store flat but secure when in place, and can be fixed in place with superglue if desired.
Tatting patterns featured
Interwoven Picot Medallion designed by Cajah Reed
Pansy in purples: from Priscilla Tatting book No. 2
Small blue snowflake: Star in 2 Colors designed by Inga Madsen
Inverted Snowflake designed by Martha Ess
Ice Drop designed by Diane Cadematori
Mason Jar 6-Lid Rack Organizer
A simple solution to tame an unwieldy mess of mason jar lids, this 3D printed 6-lid rack is an organizer’s dream. Designed for regular- or wide-mouth lids.

The compact, intentional design takes up about the same amount of space as a 16oz regular-mouth mason jar and accepts both lid-and-ring and single-piece lids, with space built in to allow airflow that keeps lids clean and dry between uses.

These are available in regular- and wide-mouth versions for standard mason jars as well as the taller Ball brand storage lids. I 3D print them in the customer's color of choice out of high quality, eco-friendly, industrially compostable PLA plastic.
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