In very early March 2020 (before all the shutdowns), West Marine ran a paddle sports sale, to include kayaks, paddle boards, and small skiffs.  I was given a set of product SKUs, a background image, and the sale offers, and asked to design an email series.
Given that the sale offers were higher than the usual amounts, I decided to highlight them with red dot whacks to draw more attention to them.  The text is sized so that it's easily readable on mobile devices, but not obtrusively large in a desktop experience.  I also used the red CTA style for our single-click email to add some urgency, since it was only a three-day sale.
Incorporating the dot whacks into the images by layering them between some of the products adds visual depth and interest to the images, and more closely ties the products to their sale offer.
In early November 2020, West Marine ran what we called the "Escape the Madness" campaign.  The intent was to help customers get on the water and stay on the water, where they can disconnect from all the chaos and enjoy a simple, low-stress, socially distanced break.
I kept the design simple for these emails, with an inspirational, appealing image at the top and clear, concise product offers.  The goal was to make it as easy as possible for a customer to buy that one thing they need that's keeping them from getting on the boat and heading away from shore.
With each of the different days, we targeted a different audience: sailing, fishing, and power boating.  Each lifestyle image reflects that target audience, and also sets the theme for the product offers included in the email.
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