Completed 15 April 2020
Waste No Spoons is a minimal waste lifestyle blog aimed at helping chronically ill people live a less wasteful, more environmentally conscious lifestyle.  The name comes from the Spoon Theory, a metaphor that helps those with chronic illness and limitations quantify their energy levels and abilities.
The logo design stems from the idea of reducing waste not just in the physical realm, but coming up with ways to reduce how much energy and effort is wasted on things that aren't worth that expense.  The recycling symbol, ubiquitous in today's eco-conscious era, lends itself well to the shape of a spoon bent into an "arrow."
303Drones Logo and product logo
Completed 14 September 2013
303Drones was a hobby quadcopter manufacturer and supplier, specializing in aircraft-grade aluminum frames machined in-house and assembled to high quality standards. Their X2 model featured many improvements and reliable performance.
Rivette Sales & Service Logo set
Completed 16 August 2013
These were created for a potential business and club partnership. The client asked for an 'art deco' inspiration for the logo and monogram, and for them to be visually cohesive with one another.
The Trike Club logo set was provided as options for a potential California-based Morgan Three-wheeler club. Design elements featured include the Morgan wing emblem, the V-twin arrangement of the trike's engine, and the Morgan bulls-eye emblem.
Kamimoto Strings Logo & Business Card
Completed 8 June 2013
Kamimoto Strings is a musical instrument shop in San Jose, CA. Their primary focus is violin, viola, cello, and bass, although they carry a small selection of other stringed instruments such as guitar and mandolin.
The existing logo is purely typographical; my intention with this branding set was to create an easily recognizable monogram that ties in with the shop's products without being too far of a departure from the existing branding.
This was completed as part of my Advanced Graphic Design class at Santa Clara University.
Strawberry Music Festival Logo
Completed 30 May 2013
The Strawberry Music Festival is a biannual music festival that takes place in Yosemite, CA. Featured genres include folk, bluegrass, swing, and many more.
This was completed as part of my Advanced Graphic Design class at Santa Clara University.
Mobo Sushi Logo
Completed 12 May 2013
Mobo Sushi is a popular, well-established sushi restaurant in Santa Cruz, California.
This was completed as part of my Advanced Graphic Design class at Santa Clara University.
Santa Clara University Da Vinci Logo
Completed 13 January 2012
The da Vinci Residence Hall at Santa Clara University was looking for a logo to put on their shirts for the 2011-2012 school year. They asked for something that included Italian-looking red and green, for use on a white cotton shirt.
BettaZen Logo
Completed 2 December 2011
BettaZen specialized in products and advice for betta owners. The aim was to help new and current owners provide healthy, stable, and humane habitats for their betta fish, with a wide selection of curated products available for purchase.

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