We didn't have any campaign lockups already made for this one, so I designed one substituting a stylized fishhook in place of the f in 'for.'  This was such a hit that the Store Operations team used it on flyers to promote the event, and the Marketing team loved the concept.
On the Sunglasses landing page, I was asked to update a section detailing the benefits of polarized sunglasses in a marine environment.  My first instinct was to find a photograph showing off how polarization affects the light coming through the sunglasses lens, but that proved to be more difficult to create than I anticipated.  The camera simply couldn't capture a before/after shot as effectively as I could see it.
Rather than spend more time on that, I found another suitable image.  I tried to evoke the increased contrast and clarity that polarized lenses offer by positioning the text around the water line and matching the colors of the sea and sky accordingly.
While I would have preferred to have a visual, concrete way to show a customer how much of a benefit polarized lenses can have, I think the final image still conveys the message.
Pelagic's new clothing line in May 2019 included an attractive green texture pattern.  To highlight it and draw attention to a unique, visually appealing feature of the clothing line, I chose to knock Pelagic's logo out of the pattern in white to serve as a focal point in the banner.
Weekend Deals was a very popular flash sale series during the winter of 2019-2020.  They were normally smaller than the monthly sale events, ran for only a few days, and featured products that either rarely went on sale, or at a more substantial discount than during standard sale events. 
Marketing material for these events typically included a featured banner on the West Marine homepage, a custom landing page that took over the /sale subsite, internal site banners, and external ad banners.
For this set, I was given a set of image dimensions and maximum allowable file sizes for each image.  In the case of the two smallest banners, I had to make some allowances for the image size by removing one of the windlasses as well as the 30% Off dot whack since the banners simply became too cluttered to be easily readable.
Every season, Yeti releases new colors, and occasionally new products.  Given that Yeti drinkware and coolers are a favorite of West Marine's core customers, these releases were often featured on related category pages on the website.
On occasion, I had to color-correct a few product images, since colors between the cooler lines and drinkware lines often subtly differ.  For the most part, though, the greatest challenge with these banners was sizing the products correctly relative to each other... and resisting the temptation to buy Yeti products I don't need for "research purposes" and "product testing."
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