The Roleplay Workshop
Launched 30 October 2016
The Roleplay Workshop is a program created in 1989 in Oakland, CA to use the strengths of tabletop role play gaming to help children and teens build social skills, problem solving skills, and resilience. Activities include structured games within fictional worlds created by the workshop director, summer camps, and virtual tabletop gaming.
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CL Roadster Club
Launched 14 August 2014
The CL Roadster Club was a Mazda Miata enthusiast club located in the San Francisco Bay Area. They originally formed as a group to travel down to the 25th Anniversary Miatas at Laguna Seca event in 2014, and continued meeting for several years after that.
The website offered a club member forum, a members-only parts exchange, an easy-to-access calendar, and information on the club's charity outreach programs.
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Resilient Families Project
The Resilient Families Project is a program through Santa Clara University's Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education. It aims to advance cognitive development and parent-child attachment for babies to 6 year olds. The program involves a 6-week workshop course designed to teach parents healthy, productive parenting techniques through journaling, interactive games, stress management techniques, and more.
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Home of Heroes Website Concept
Completed 11 March 2013
One assignment for my Advanced Graphic Design course at Santa Clara University was to take a list of outdated websites, choose one from that list, and come up with an improved design concept. I chose the Home of Heroes, which at the time used a very "web 1.0'"design, complete with flashing GIFs and tiled background textures. My intention was to revitalize the design and make it look more contemporary, with clean, patriotic colors and a museum-like feel.
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