Launched 26 July 2021
Technologies used:
   - HTML & CSS
   - JavaScript
   - Bootstrap
Continuing education is an important part of any career, regardless of industry.  With web design, the technology advances rapidly enough that training and learning can be out of date within a matter of years.  To keep my skills current, I regularly read design blogs and take online classes to brush up skills I have and learn new ones.
The idea for this website came about when I was learning about flexbox.  I wanted to have an easy to understand visual reference in my own words, so that I could look back at it as needed in the future and not spend time puzzling out someone else's documentation.  I was also getting a bit frustrated by juggling four different notebooks from various stages in my career and never knowing where notes on a specific topic would be.  I decided that a website with real-world examples and code snippets was the best solution.
It very quickly expanded from that into something much more advanced, and I found myself needing a better left-hand navigation than just a list of links.  I reorganized all the pages by category, and added in an expand-collapse feature to keep the navigation from getting too tall.
This site was built using the Bootstrap 5.0 and 5.1 framework, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  While it's designed mostly for use on tablets and computers, I make sure that each page is readable on mobile so that I can read on the go if I need to.  This involves hiding some columns in a table, prioritizing which data is visible as the screen gets smaller, and occasionally rearranging graphics and text for better flow on a single-column layout.
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