DirtFish T-shirts
Completed 1 July 2016
DirtFish Driving School commissioned a set of t-shirt graphics based on pictures of cars on their rally course.
ColorTrack Conference Poster
Completed 28 January 2016
This essay poster for ColorTrack's table at the 2016 SCAA Conference discusses and illustrates the features of the ColorTrack system when used to measure roasting levels of coffee beans. The high levels of accuracy and detailed data allow coffee roasters to perfect their process and roast beans perfectly, every single time.
25 Years of Miata event name tags
Completed 30 July 2013
The Mazda Miata is one of the most iconic sports cars, and also one of the most affordable. With ready access to affordable parts and an extensive online community, the Miata has attracted a huge following of loyal fans since its original model released in 1990.
For the 25th anniversary of the Miata's debut, Miata.net organized the gathering of nearly 2,000 Miatas and their owners for a three-day Miata bonanza at (at the time) Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. They held a competition for forum members to design printable event participant badges, and my design won.
I originally only designed the three generations in color and grayscale, but later expanded the collection to include nearly every factory color - and some custom colors upon request.
Strawberry Music Festival Direct Mail Kit
Completed 30 May 2013
One assignment for my Advanced Graphic Design class at Santa Clara University was to create a direct mail kit. We were given a template for a box with guide lines for the safe printable area, the cut line, and the bleed line, as well as templates for a t-shirt and flyer with ticket stub.
Mobo Sushi rebranding kit
Completed 12 May 2013
One assignment for my Advanced Graphic Design class at Santa Clara University was to create a new logo and menu for one of our favorite restaurants. While the assignment was only to create a single-sheet menu with fold-over panel, Mobo Sushi's menu was far too large to fit so I created a second sheet to insert and staple in place.
One of the largest challenges was balancing the sheer number of rolls and dishes available with keeping the text large enough to comfortably read. Arranging the different menu sections also proved to be a challenge, to keep everything in a logical order. In the end, I ended up with some negative space at the bottom of some categories, so I created a few simple theme-appropriate illustrations to comfortably fill them and add some visual interest to what's otherwise a wall of text.
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