Black Friday event pages
Black Friday is one of West Marine's largest sales events each year. It's also the highest profile sale event I worked on each year, giving me an opportunity to make a difference for West Marine's business and customers.
Sale campaigns
The larger sale event campaigns at West Marine are a combination of web, email, social, and print. For the web experience, I'm provided with the finished print flyer and a list of product SKUs. I then adapt the print experience to suit web, and develop the email experience from that.
Custom landing pages
Some of the categories and brand pages on West Marine's website have custom banners, layouts, and graphics. In many cases, the goal is to make it easier for the customer to find what they're looking for by providing single-click paths to common subcategories. Mobile and desktop user experiences are equally important here.
Marketing banners
These range from using the West Marine website's built-in banner slots at the top of product listing pages and below the left navigation, to social media images and external ad banners. These usually align with a sale event, product release, vendor commitment, or other marketing campaign.
West Marine Pro homepage banners
West Marine Pro provides marine and boating products to business-to-business customers at wholesale prices. The homepage frequently highlights new products, vendor features, and sales offers. Each banner has a desktop and mobile version to optimize the message for each platform.
HTML email design
One of West Marine's primary marketing channels is through email. That's how customers learn about online sale events, new product offers, flash sales, and interesting articles to improve their boating experience. While most of the emails I designed were part of a marketing campaign, the ones in this page stand on their own.
West Advisor article block redesign
With the addition of Bootstrap to the West Marine website's framework, I was able to visually refresh the West Advisor article blocks in a way that makes them easier to read, more contemporary, and more responsive for varying screens and devices.
Photo editing
On rare occasions, an otherwise perfect lifestyle image slated for use on West Marine's social media channels needs some tweaking. This usually involves basic color correction, cropping, or removing unnecessary but distracting elements of the picture. On rare occasions, it can involve updating product packaging or adjusting focal elements for better presentation.
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